February 21, 2005

Sinhagad - Tanaji Malusare Point

Sinhagad - Tanaji Malusare Point

I recently climbed up the Sinhagad fort in Maharashtra, India. In the right season it can be a great experience. Once you finish your climb you are rewarded with most pleasant of winds and some breathtaking sights of the surrounding country side. Here are a couple of pictures of those sights.

The Indian state of Maharashtra has some excellent forts dotted around. Particularly popular are the ones that are associated with the Marathi (and Maratha) king - Chhatrapati Shivaji. Back there it's a popular weekend activity to climb up these forts (or drive up if you can't be bothered!).

Sinhagad (Marathi for: Lion's fort) was the one nearest to me. This fort is particularly famed for (and draws it's name) Tanaji Malusare - the then general of Shivaji's army who was key in capturing this fort at the cost of his own life. It is said that on hearing of his death Shivaji expressed remorse with the words - "I may have gained a fort but have lost my lion". This is believed to have given the fort it's name. The photo above shows the Tanaji Malusare Point. This point is important because it was where Tanaji  climbed up from to capture the fort.

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