April 14, 2007

The Lightwater Valley Park in Ripon

The Eagles Claw!
The easter break this summer was blessed with some great weather. We decided to make the best of this holidays with a day trip to the Lightwater valley park in Ripon, North Yorkshire. The adjoining picture is for what looks like (and is) a mind-blowing ride - the Eagles Claw.

If you are in or around North Yorkhire in the UK. And are looking for a good day out, this would be a great option. If you have kids in the group, then this would be THE option.

And yes, the tickets are a bit steep (around £15 at the time of writing). Try looking around the internet for better deals. For us, lastminute.com turned up with £9.50. Not bad.

Here are a few more

The Black Widow - Yikes!
The Sky Rider

Here's a link to the complete set of photos (24 of them).