November 08, 2004

EXIF - Information about your photograph

EXIFTipThere's no limit to what gets to learn on the internet. For example, about digital photography. I have been using flick for a few months now. One day i realized that a few of my uploaded images started coming up with a tiny "taken with a fujifilm Finepix S5000" link under it (see it). I was suprised as to how flickr was able to detect my camera information (i didnt remember filling it in when i signed up). Clicking on that link brought me to a page titled "EXIF data for " (see for yourself).

A search on google revealed that EXIF stands for EXchangable Image File Format (see official site) . A look into photographers glossary also helped me realized that most modern digital camera, besides the photograph itself, store some additional information about the the camera, date+time and detailed information about the settings of when the photograph was taken.

Slowly i realized that i had seen this EXIF data at several of my favourite photo sites - heres one such example where photographer Sam Javanrou posts a picture daily. To see its exif data simply hower your mouse over this picture and you can see it in a little yellow tip. U can see it - right?

I seached a bit further for programs that could help me see the exif data for my images as well as those i have and will download. Most modern imaging applications like Adobe Photoshop, ACDSee, etc are EXIF-aware (which means they retain the EXIF information even after you resize/ crop the picture). After sifting through the few programs that let you see a photos EXIF info, i settled down on this little software called EXIFTip (see screen shot above). what i like about the software is its size (69 Kb at this time). Its simple to use - download, unzip and double click a file called exiftip.bat (detailed instructions can be found in a file called install.txt inside the zip archive) and you are done !

Now to see your EXIF info, just hover you mouse over your picture and voila !!