April 21, 2008

Hello Brussels!

I recently had the opportunity of traveling to Brussels (the capital of on Belgium and also Europe) a work trip that I somehow managed to extend into a sight-seeing trip. Below are a chosen few of the large number of pictures I took. The link to the complete set is at the bottom of this post.

What made the trip exciting was that this was my first time aboard the Eurostar Train as well. Unfortunately the weather wasnt all that great. But we made the best of it :)

Here are a few interesting bits of information about Brussels
  1. It is the capital of Belgium
  2. It is also the effective capital of Europe since it is home the it's Headquarters. another important office here is that of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
  3. French and Dutch are the official languages. However, today French is more widely spoken.
  4. Must-see's are the Grand Market (picture above), The Atomium (picture above), The peeing boy (picture above).
  5. Must haves are the large variety of beers, the famed Belgian waffle and of course, Chocolate!

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