April 08, 2009

The beautiful city of Bath

The bath abbey

Somerset is one of the most beautiful counties in England. I have often had the pleasure of driving through different parts of this area and have always wanted to stop and get some pictures.

I got thought I had this opportunity the last time I paid a visit to the city of Bath, but it was late evening by the time I got there. So I had very little to take any pictures.

However the last weekend, I got a chance to show some visitors this beautiful city in the valley of the Avon river and pay a visit to the Roman baths.  This time I did not miss the chance to take pictures.

Panorama: The Roman Baths

Although the Roman Baths (picture above) is the main attraction  there’s also the city life, the wonderful countryside and other small museums for enthusiasts. According to this article on Wikipedia, the city has quite a rich history and has retained much of it’s old character.

Here’s a small set of my photographs,

Visiting the Roman Baths A model of how the temple and the baths would have looked like in 2-3rd century A Street performer juggling fire on a 10 ft tall unicycle A mineral water hospital?

The entire set can be viewed here.